SMART Performance debuts in Houston

We have two riders in Houston tonight. SMART Performance suspensions, but under management of Weinert and Litz Racing.

The riders are Cody Robbins and Tyler Bright.

At the moment, Cody Robbins is not listed with any lap times so I'm not sure if he made the heat's program.

Tyler Bright qualified for the evening in 40th, which means dead last. 74 riders were registered.

Les Smith was also on a SMART Performance suspension, but I'm fairly certain he was dropped from the team and may have gone with a Factory Connection set-up. Still not sure.

That's it for now. :smirk:


Good Luck out there! To you, and all of your riders. Maniac


How'd they do Dave? Maniac

Sorry for the delay in getting back to the way.

So the two riders were Tyler Bright and Cody Robbins. Had to get permission before I said anything. :smirk:

Both of these riders are under the new Jimmy Weinert team with the suspension being managed by LITZ Racing.

Cody broke his hand and decided not to ride that evening and Tyler missed the evening event by one position. I was told his entry speeds into the corners was the primary concern, which to the best of my knowledge was not a suspension issue - just a matter of experience.

Back when we designed these suspensions we were also hired to do designs for Les Smith and Taylor Futrel, also with the Weinert team. We were told that they had chosen the SMART Performance set-up over the Factory Connection bikes during testing, and both of these guys made the main program that night, but both bikes had Factory Connection decals on them. Not sure yet what happened, but obviously there is an “A” and “B” effort via the Jimmy Weinert Training Facility Teams.

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