leatt vs neck roll

i was just thinking, since i'm moving up to intermediate in a bit, that i would get a leatt brace. the problem being the $. im only really concerned about my collar bones breaking from my helmet so im really steering towards a good neck roll instead of the leatt.what are your thoughts?

neck rolls only rerallyu protect from whiplash. this is why alot of race dar drivers wair them. they wont stop your neck from going snap.

if you get into a crash, and its bad enught to brake a coller bone due to the neck brace, then chances are your neck would have taken a pretty hard hit and you would more then likly be in worse shap then a broken collerbone.

sinse you lve on the island, ill give you an example, if you have raced the wastlands in the past year, then you are fimmiler with the new lay out. i baild off of the big step-down trying to do a duble can. my neck basicly broke my fall. i had brusing in the outline of the leatt, i got up after it, i was sore, but my neck wasnt tweakedwhat so ever.

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