YZ 85 Question???

To begin I had a YZ 80 when I was 10. After having Kids, my oldest son wanted a db so I got him a TTR110, he was 11 and that was what the guy at the Yamaha shop advised. He some outgrew the bike stock, so I found a very low hour 05 YZ 85. He hates it. The kick start. The sacred 2t sound. The top end powerband. The bike has set for six months. Kids today have no since of adventure if its not on video. My question is...Can this bike be set up for an adult to trail ride on? The adult that would be riding it is 5'5" and weight about 175lbs. or should I just sell it.

I woudl sell it. That bike makes a lousy trail bike if the rider is not highly advanced. Your sons thoughts and feelings are right on the money if hes a ttr type rider....and there is nothign wrong with that.

I dont know your age, but I'm 46. The yz 80's I was around as a kid were clown shoes compared to what they yz 85 is now. Those were warmed over trail bikes...now, full on racers.

It would make a fun mini-motard.

Yea, I had a new 75 model...Later a yz 100 and 125. I ride a 09 125 now. Just have little experience with the yz 85 and did not know if there would be any mods. on suspension. It is fun to rip the yard up, but is too soft for much else. I hated just hated to sell.

boy the yz85 is a kickass little bike but I agree, you would have to be one fast rider to make it work in the trails, regardless of your size. I took my GF to ride sandy, hilly trails on her 85 a few months ago, and we are still dealing with the emotional scars from that day, lol.

You bought your kid a nice little bike, and he complains that he has to kick-start it?

Wow, just wow.

I would at least ride the bike yourself a few times before you sell it. That little 85 will put a grin on your face!

MY DAD RIDES MINE AND HE FALLS OFF THE BACK FROM THE FRONT END POPPING UP !! how cant you love that!? they start first kick, the noise annoys the neighbours that dont like you riding, and they are so much fun ! (even though im getting a yz250f ) i cant beleive he doesnt like it :/ anyways, you can mod the bike alittle to make it more trail friendly, but you should probably sell it if your not gonna ride it mx (you should !!! ) gearing will help, more top speed power, and if you needa get over logs on the trails, dont worry, you WILL get the front end over anything :rant::smirk:

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