cr 125 front forks

The guy across the street has a late 80 something cr 125 with a blown motor. He's going to let me take whatever parts I want then he's going to take the bike to the dump (i guess). My question is, will the front forks (non inverted) fit on the 230? They seem a bit stouter than stock and in pretty good shape.

Yes but not just a bolt on. The bearings are the same as yours but the steering stem will be about an inch longer. You can make a spacer to take up the extra space or have a steering stem made. If you just do a spacer your bars will be a inch higher since the top clamp will be. I was fine with this since I am 6ft. tall and have a 1 inch taller seat on mine. You will also have to fab different steering stops. Plus you will need to bring the rear of the bike up since those forks will have 12 inchs of travel so the front will be higher. If it is 1985 or older they will not be cartridge forks so I would not bother. If they are 86 - 89 they will be a huge improvement once you get everything right. Jeff

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