1993 kdx 200 kips stuck

so i finally put in a new top end on my bike today, and aside from breaking the bolt on the left radiator, it went well. then i checked the KIPS rod, and it wouldn't move at all. i just replaced the left subvalve, and all 3 collars. the rod moved smoothly when the cylinder wasn't on the bike, but now it wont move. do any of you have an idea what's wrong? :smirk::lol::rant:

Alignment is off, I suppose.

if i took off the head, would i be able to re use the head gasket? i ran the bike for about 2 minutes then saw that the coolant was leaking out of the radiator so i shut it off.

I think you should be able to. You HAVE to in order to get it properly aligned, so you may as well go ahead either way.

what do you mean by properly aligned? because i had all 3 valves timed right....

OK, are you trying to move it by hand or when the bike revs up over 6,000 RPM??

just by hand.

i took off the head, and now the kips move. whenever i tighten down the head nuts, the kips rod is unable to move. do you have any ideas as to what it could be?

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