Kick stand & frame guards

Is there anyone out there who has successfully mounted a pro moto billet kickstand and a set of frame guards on a 2003 yz 250 (carbon fiber preferably)..There has to be something

mine is not a promoto but ...............

nor carbon fiber, mine are medal, what i did was just ground a notch in them and installed it.

Saw a thread somewhere in which there was a conflict between the mounting locations of the kick stand and the frame guard.

Guy trimmed the mounting points out of the frame guard to clear the kick stand, then drilled some holes and used zip-ties to hold the guard to the frame. Seemed to work well enough for him, and I notice that's how KTM retains their frame guards.

As mentioned in another thread, mount with clear silicone. That person mentioned he removes them using dental floss in a sawing motion. Sounds good to me!

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