run off of battery only

2008 would not run,hooked battery up to it ,will run,take battery lead loose while running,stops instantly.Checked stator output while running at regulator,i am getting over 100 volts ac.The wires on dc side of harness at regulator show battery voltage with the battery hooked up.I did diode check on rectifier,seems to show ok.I think that maybe regulator,rectifier is not working? What do you guys think?

sounds like no dc out of rectifier. What kind of bike? did it just quit running?

need more info to make even a good guess.

2008 rmz450 , it just quit like it ran out of gas ,i`ve checked sensors with ohm meter but i dont have factory fi light to check for codes.The bike seems to run fine with battery hooked to dealer plugin,its not my bike, it belongs to a friend of my sons.

doubt there would be usable codes if it runs fine with a battery hooked up. My guess with out a wiring diagram to back me up is there is an open circuit in the dc side. If it quit all of a sudden I would suspect a source problem, at the battery for instance. A battery dying doesn't usually run fine then quit the next second.

Check the obvious of course, blown fuse, broken connection on either plus or ground side. loose ground connection at any relevant box, CDI, ECU, etc.

Next test is the charging side of the dc circuit. A quick test there is voltage while running off axillary battery power. There should be more than battery voltage if the charging system is working. If less than battery voltage, or the same as, backtrack to find the open.

Post a wiring diagram if you have one and I can tell you more. Again I am guessing and stating basics due to unknowns, but often it is basic.

I dont really have a wiring diagram,the service manual/ owners manual just shows components and computer,this bike is fuel injected and doesnt normally use a battery,it uses the single phase stator and a large condenser for power.I will check and see about the dc voltage going up with the voltage regulator/rectifier hooked,i should see some difference if its working. THANKS

Are you sure that the power arrives at the condensator. If that one broke down there is no power and it's simple/cheap.

rectifier output on dc side 1.5 volts, i am going to put a regulator,rectifier on it and see what happens

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