Question about silencers for a '93 YZ 125

I'm restoring an old YZ 125 and looking into silencers for it. The main problem is the difference in mounting brackets on the subframe from later models, which leaves me with a very short list of "compatible" silencers. Normally I'd just get a stock pipe or the Pro Circuit pipe that will work, but I need a quiet pipe with a spark arrestor (noise is an issue where I live, and I'll be doing some trail riding)

So my question is, if I were to get a Q Stealth Silencer or something similar, (which I can find back to a 2000 YZ 125), presumably it would fit, assuming I grind off the existing brackets and move one of them into the correct position and weld it be.

This would be assuming the pipe bends would be compatible, and the only issue would be the mounting. It looks like they would work together, but I'm simply going by pictures, and I'd like a second opinion before I go through with buying a silencer.

A 91-92 silencer should work, and that's a great price, but a Power Core is probably going to be a little louder than what I'm looking for. I'm specifically looking at the Q Stealth or Turbine Core FMF pipes. If there's no chance of getting those working, then I'll settle for something else.

EDIT: Actually, after doing some more research, I'm thinking of just getting the Pro Circuit 304 Factory Silencer, and looking into using a dB Snorkel. Is the 8 decibel drop in noise really true? It seems like it's pretty well-received. Any input on it would be great.

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