ethanol gas in pre-mix


OK, here's my concern...........

I fish a lot and have many friends who run 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboard motors on their boats. They have been warned of pump gasoline about to be sold with 15% ethanol and that it could do serious damage to their engines. It's supposed to be 10% at many stations currently.

I ride an 06' KTM 300XCW with Chevron supreme mixed at 50:1 with Motul 800. I've used this brand and ratio since the bike was new with no problems. Runs great and clean.

I don't know if Chevron will be going to 15% ethanol but if they and the other name brands do, is this something to worry about or am I making something out of nothing?


bill waters spirit services in lake city sells ethanol free 87,89, and 92 octane. 9500 35th ave ne.

I work for a Chevron Jobber on the fuel delivery side and so far have not heard of a change in the near future. We will have to know before they make a change because we have to placard our trucks with a different # to signify we are hauling greater than 10% enthanol. Make sure you look at the pump topper for a decal that says may contain up to 10% ethanol. The pump is required to say what percentage is in the tank.

If your bike is jetted lean and mean now you may want to go up a jet size if you already using 10% fuel. If your safely jetted rich and don't do long hard pulls you may not have to do anything.

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