Headlight Question

About two years ago my stock light took a rock to the glass lens and shattered it. A new housing is close to $90 which is just ridiculous IMO so I bought one of these.


It really sucks to say the least and the filaments in the bulbs keep breaking.

A few months ago I floated the ground on my bike and put on a trailtech DC regulator so I can run my heated grips all day without draining the battery to the point where the electric start wouldn't work. Now I am wanting an HID light, but don't want to fork out $200+ for one. I would really like a 2007+ stock WR light with the HID conversion, but the stock lights are pretty spendy (if someone knows where I can get a used one or a deal on one I would love to hear about it). Does anyone know if this headlight could be easily converted to HID? I already have the mounting straps from my current headlight.

Any other HID or headlight suggestions are more than welcome.

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I have been looking at DDMs site for an HID conversion kit and want to be sure what I order will fit. Here is the kit I am looking at and I was going to order the H4 bulb in 55W in 4500k color. Will this mount in a stock 2006 WR headlight housing and most of the stock look-a-like housings? This kit comes with everything you need for two lights so if someone is interested in splitting the $40 ($10 extra for the 55w bulbs puts it at $40) just let me know.


I still have not found the new headlight that I am going to put this HID kit into. Again, any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


I just noticed that it says "All kits use AC bulbs and ballasts for increased reliability and lifespan" on the DDM site. Does this mean that since I have floated the ground on my bike and am using a DC regulator/rectifier that this kit won't work for me?

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