Cal City Prez Day Ride n Relax Weekend


Well the lady is working all weekend and I have Monday off, so I'm gonna head out to the desert and ride and relax for the long weekend. I'll be solo so I'm gonna be lookin for some company. Anyone planning on heading out and want to camp together?

I come self sufficient, have all the gear I need, and sleep in my truck. Basically, I don't need anything but some people to hang out and ride with. When I roll solo I usually end up spending a few hours a day riding, broken up into 3 or 4 rides, otherwise I'm at camp listening to music, relaxing, and riding around the truck. I'm looking for some folks who are out to enjoy a relaxing weekend, and not go on 100 mile trips (nothing against those trips, just not planning it for prez day weekend). A long weekend of being in the desert away from the crowds, with my bike, sounds like much needed R&R.

Its looking like there might be some rain and low level snow right before the weekend, and if its cold I might end up just camping at Borax and plugging into their electricity for heat at night. Otherwise, if the weather is nice, I'm game to camp anywhere within a quick ride to Borax so I can use their facilities when nature calls :smirk:

Let me know if you're gonna be out there and wouldn't mind some extra company. Planning on arriving Friday night and leaving Monday afternoon.

i still hope it wont rain or else ill be out there.:smirk:

Chance of snow shower Sat night.....

I'm going to have to play it by ear, but I hope to get out there for a day or two over the long weekend . . . looking at the forecast I'm thinking maybe heading out and spending Sun and Mon out there.

. . . looking at the forecast I'm thinking maybe heading out and spending Sun and Mon out there.

That sounds like a better plan given the weather. I'm thinking I'll probably head out Saturday evening or early Sunday morning and stay thru Monday.

Anybody gonna be out there?

Check out the Intermeidate Weekend Rides thread in the CA section. Looks like there's a good group forming on Sunday. If we have enough interest we could probably have two smaller groups and form a mild and wild bunch depending on the interest/skill level of the group. I may have a buddy that wants to come out and he hasn't been out on the bike in a few months and might be up for more of a mellow run vs. a wild ride. Hope to see you out there!

looks like tuesday should be a clear day out there. trying to get my cousin to go with me but thats up in the air. if anyone has tuesday off, wants to ride, and will be in the area send me a pm if your interested in meeting up. just a bit of warning . . havnt ridden since april due to fractured collar bone so this will be a nice "test n tune" day for me occasionally pushing it.:smirk:

Matt are you going to ride the Sunday Cal ride to Randsberg. That is if MSTSGT shows us the way............:smirk:

I'm still fighting the bug I got last week . . . would probably be pushing it trying to do an overnighter. Looking at the weather and the overnight temps, I think I'd better stick to a day trip on Sunday vs. camping. Hope to see you out there . . . been a while. I'm still working on getting my buddy Josh out on his Yamaha 450 . . . I think you might have met him when we both first got our bikes, he's only been out once since having his first kid . . . hope he can make it out.

Matt are you going to ride the Sunday Cal ride to Randsberg. That is if MSTSGT shows us the way............:smirk:

Your gonna follow Me? Now I now you are one Crazy mutha... :rant:

I should be out there at some point this weekend. If I go Saturday I hope to have enough energy on Sunday to join you guys. If I go Sunday I hope I get up early enough to meet up with you before you take off riding. So it's really up in the air. Either way, I'll be at or near Borax so if I'm there and ready to ride you'll see me on Sunday.

Hey Matt . . . I'm hoping to make it out on Sunday for a mellow ride . . . hoping my buddy will be able to make it out . . . we'll probably be there a little later maybe 9 or 10ish if you want to hook up let me know.

Hey Matt . . . A buddy and I will be heading out there and should be at Borax Bills around 10:30 or so if you don't end up hooking up with another group, come on out and ride with us. Just look for the FORD work crew! He'll be in a white Ford F250 work truck and I'll be in the white Ford E350 work van. Hope to see you out there!

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