2009 450 xc-w burning oil

I go thru half of my oil on the sight glass about every 40-60 miles with no leaks to be found..

I know other people have had similar problems but has anyone out there found a fix for this?

Please help !!!

It may be the o-ring on the oil pump. Check you gearbox oil level. Undo the level screw & measure the amount that comes out, it may be where the missing oil is.

I am assuming that it does not blow smoke

not sure if the motor and trans are split like the hondas but, do rings first. if that doesnt do it split the cases and do everything lol. i never mess around with pinpointing a bottom end problem. if there is a problem, everything should be gone through.

These motors have seperate oil for the engine & gearbox, they have can have 2 problems with oil transfer.

1. Oil transfers from the gearbox to the engine. This happened mainly on the early 08 models. Remove the clutch cover & primary drive gear & replace the RH main seal.

2. Oil transfers from the engine to the gearbox. This is the o-ring on the oil pump. Need to remove the clutch & oil pump replace the o-ring.

KTM have updated parts for both problems

No need to pull the engine down if there is nothing wrong with it.

My 530exc 08 had the problem 1 at 16hrs & just had problem 2 at 280hrs. Still going strong & not blowing any smoke


Thanks for the info

will look into it

Leakdown test before you tear it down. Does it smoke? Have you measured how much it uses by using a ratio rite both the trans and motor? The oil trans thing shows up very early and mostly 530s not 450s. It could be a miss installed valve seal or maybe a valve guide I have seen both. To say it uses oil by the sight glass is not accurate because they aren't.

No smoke but there is a burnt looking residue at the end of the pipe...And no extra oil in the gearbox...

As for the sight glass its almost always a 1/4-1/2 down after the ride (30 - 60 miles)

I do wait an hour or more after my ride to check the oil

I had some leakage from the cam chain tensioner and some bolts but i took care of those problems awhile ago...

Would suggest that a top end tear down is in order.

They had bad rings in the 09's & like mentioned above some valve guide seals were damaged during installation, this was also common ( someone mentioned in another thread that 1 in 5 had the problem )

I just took my 09 in to the dealer today. It is burning ~170cc in 35 miles. Really annoying with only 5.2hrs on it. I hope KTM helps me out here.

When diagnosing, start simple then get invasive. I believe LEAK DOWN first, then start opening things up.

Certain 2009's have weak rings. My 2009 XC-w 530 started doing this after 1000 miles. Replaced them with nitrate infused rings from KTM and no problems since. The whole issue about oil migration from the engine to tranny side was fixed for the 2009's , so that shouldn't be an issue.

I have an 08- started burning oil bad at 140 hours. at 177 hours was using 4-6 oz per tank of gas. (note- with 20 hours on the bike it used 1-3 oz of oil per tank of gas) Pulled bike apart. found the ring gap at .12 not .012 like it calls for.

Cylinder was at the end of tolerance but ok. I had it replated and put a new wossner piston in it. This was my winter project. 20 hours later- have not used a drop of oil. Seem better than new.

Did a leak down test

The results were that there was a 9 % loss of oil thru the rings ..2-4% is normal with 10 % being max before you would want to replace it...

Bike is is in the shop getting new rings..will see how things turn out ...

I think you will be very happy. Its so nice not to add oil every ride.

Very interesting that I'm reading all of this. My 2009 450 xc w does the very same thing. Good to know that I guess it's normal though frustrating. Man, I guess 80+ mile rides are going to require me to bring some oil in my Camelback. Grrr!

it is common to burn oil- it is not normal!

30 plus hours on the new piston and rings and I have not burned a drop of oil.

KTM has redesigned the rings every year since 2008. I think they realize there is a problem.

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