Sell or parts

I'm thinking about getting rid of my CR and was debating on parting it out. The motor has been 100% rebuilt but the odds and ends are costing a fortune.

Should I parts it out or sell whole? What do you guys think?



whats it need to be complete? I would complete it and ride it to tune it right..... and soon as spring gets here post it for sale first...if that does not get what you need..then maybe part it out.

its a good looking bike btw..


It's almost done but I've run out of money. It needs a clutch and basket, forks rebuilt, new swingarm, linkage bearings, rear rim and rotor and it will be done.

well is it rideable with a clutch > whats wrong with your basket and wheel? The other parts you can find cheap if you just keep looking at ebay or CL everyday for deals.

you could sale that boyesen cover for a stock cover and have the money for the bearings?

The basket has DEEP grooves. Once it's in gear it takes off with the clutch pulled in. I bought it locked up as a project for a couple hundred bucks. It has had a rough life courtesy of its previous owner. The ignition cover has a hole in it. When I took it off water poured out. The rim and rotor are bent. I had a set of warp9s but sold them for other bills.

Dump it, its already turned into a money pit! I did somewhat of the same thing on a 99 YZ125, I bought it for 300 and dumped 2200 into it and it still was a POS. I never rode it once, I sold it for 1000 bucks to my brother and he put another 500 into it. He rode it for about 10 minutes on flat ground, hit one small jump and the f**king inner fork tubes fell out, nearly put him in the hospital. Apparently, they previous owner tried to do seals and tightened the caps on so tight that it broke the plastic cartrige in one fork and stripped the other, when he hit the jump I assume that the other cartrige broke going up the face and well you know the rest. Some bikes just arent worth it! Get the most you can and just accept that you might take a loss!!!!

You said it. A money pit it is. I lost count around $2000 and still need almost $1000 to get it right. The radiator is bent, fork is chipped, blah, blah, blah...:smirk:

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