Houston SX

Trey Cannard won the main.....with Dungey right behind him at the finish line jump.

Kevin Windham got the Hole-shot....and led for 10 laps....then lapped JBS...and within 2 jumps , lost his rythm over a section of table-top jumps and went over the bars.....1st to 19th.....

JBS and #22 were pinched off at the first turn to be thrown into 15th -20th area , right off the bat.

Barcia won the lites main.

should be on CBS at 11am CST tomorrow ....for the 450 class.


Is there a reason you are in here telling everyone this? Since it airs tomorrow? There is a Pro section that most people use to talk about this stuff.

Thanks for the spoiler :lol::smirk::p:smirk::p:rant::lol:

Thanks for the update/spoiler, I will still watch!

How did the girls look today?

You're a Bronze member and still don't know how this works? Thanks pal.

You are a douch bag. Thanks for the spoiler and ruining the race I am watching in 2 1/2 hours. Put spoiler in the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:banghead:i knew i souldnt of went on TT today:banghead:

Agggghh :smirk::banghead::rant::banghead: its bad enough supercross on facebook has to spoil it with there updates before the race i go on tt and you have to spoil it!!!!

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