Powdercoat Vs. Line-X

the next time i rebuild my 2004 RM 250 im going to get the frame done. anybody ever tried line-x or any other spray on bedliner material? i think it would be pretty tough and look awesome too.

If your concerned about weight at all it seems like line x would add a lot more weight then powdercoating would. it would look sick though.

I've been running auto engine enamel on my frame out of a can with no clear coat. Its holding up even with sand/mud. I did it a year ago, and from what I hear the bed liner holds up better than paint. As far as weight goes, Id just not drink beers the night before a ride and that should make up the difference.

Powdercoat it. Got my YZ frame done in 2002 and it still looks perfect. $160 complete. The frame was barely even clean when I brought it to them.

Line-X would look ghetto. Save the bedliner for the murdered Quad plastics.

i think colored bed liner might look good. not sure if it fades though. your red frame may look pink in six months.

I know the bedliner is tough but can it handle the heat off the engine?

i did it to my buddies, works awesome as long as you prep everything right, it looks ****ing dope too and cleans off really,really nice.

Rustoleum. Line-X is for pickup beds, not things that go fast.

I have a friend that done the Line-X on his frame....it is pretty tuff stuff....The only down side I seen it is really ruff on his boots and riding pants....

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