xmotos xb31 oil drain +strainer

hi guys, i just got an xmotos xb31 used, ( only ridden once and by a female) and in excelent condition, plus berik contender boots a helmet and gloves for $ 800au:banana::rant:

i can see the oil fill on the right hand side near the kstart, but i cant find the drain, and on the frame it says during break in change the oil 300km and clean the strainer, thing is i cant find the drain bolt... is it that big hex nut that almost looks like a valve cap near the gearshifter?, and does this bike have an oil filter

p.s my last bike was some blue chinese 120/125, so i know what breaks and yeh:foul::smirk:, but i just need help with this, ohhh... and do i need to take the subframe off to remove the air filter?cuz when i looked at it lastnight the airbox was in a pretty crappy spot...

thanks guys:thumbsup:

anyone... also managed to figure out a way to remove filter without taking off subframe

OK lol figured it out AGES ago (mechanical brain ftw). At the moment im currently striping the bike down, cleaning,reapiring necessary parts and other things associated with china :smirk: i might make a new thread about it with...you guessed it.. PICTURES...

ah by the way when i was out on the trails tackling some gnarly hills with dudes on brand name bikes(crf450,yz250f etc,) these dudes were purrrty fast and i managed to keep up with them, the guy on the 450 let me ride his bike( not the first 450 i have ridden) handled it fine(man its like i was born to ride 450's :() , not to sound selfish but i think im a pretty good rider =D(for a 16 year old,riding a 250cc china-bike).i have always wanted to get into off road enduro racing and now i think is the time to do it, when i get some money i will then upgrade to a real bike but in the meantime..... =D:thumbsup::p:lol::lol::smirk:

keep on thumping guys ....FOURSTROKE POWA!!!!!!

hey again guys got some spare time and found the elusive number on the engine and it is a confirmed 250 =D yay, will start taking pics soon..... stay tuned guys

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