Help me set up my forks 2005 yz 125

Hey guys, please help me set up my forks for me, I weigh 154 lbs without gear. I took my forks apart this weekend for an oil change and replacing fork seals. Well I backed out the clickers completely to take apart my forks and now I dont know what I had them set at before :rant:

I ride mx tracks alot, not the fastest rider, but not slow either. I think the previous owner might have had race tech fork springs installed too but im not sure. Can someone give me some general settings for my forks, im suppost to go to the dunes with friends next weekend and want to have my bike ready to go.

Thanks in advance :smirk:

12 on comp and 12-14 on rebound should work ok for you.

Ill try that out, thanks.

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