Thinking of dumping the WR for a Honda

Anyone else made the switch? I have an 06 WR450. Maybe going to the CRF450x. Pro/cons either way?

The crf, looks better, alum frame, faster, better suspension( once tuned for your weight), its a HONDA!!!


- lighter, smaller, more planted front wheel, flatter power band, less motor maintenance.

- Also, crappy front forks (open bath), funky cdi (tps issues), cramped egros (for those over 6'), less stable at high speed, complicated oil changes, funky black fasteners.


- taller, heavier, WAY more power stock or uncorked, MUCH better suspension stock or re-valved, Faster reving motor, Better brakes, better fit and finish, much more stable at speed, Honda fit, finish, and hardened chromate fasteners.

- Also very vague steering until sag, tires, and suspension are dialed in, hit in middle of power band, and a bit more top end supervision.

No, the valves aren't an issue.

I've owned (2) WR's and (1) R and (1) X.

I still have the X, if that says anything.........

I ride with a bunch of WR's. Solid motor, horrible wooden church bench seat, but reliable and fun. The Honda is more nimble, has a better chassis and suspension, and a little more power.

If you find a smoking deal on a WR that is too good to pass up, they are worth considering, but same price, a Honda is more fun.

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I've had 5 WR's since 03' Great bike and never had a problem. Decided to change colors this time with a new 09' X. Out of the crate and after the mods I am very excited about this bike. More nimble and more power hands down. Suspension is better without having to spend a grand right out of the box. Tranny is way smoother too. All in all I would say right move. :smirk:

I recently switched from an '03 WR250f to an '07 CRF450x. Haven't had much of a chance to ride the CRF but from what riding I have done I would agree with most of the points above.

Obviously there is more power coming from a 250 to a 450 but the suspension and brakes both feel a lot better than the WR.

The WR was 4 years older though so I'm sure the newer models would be much closer in comparison. At the end of the day, I wanted to buy a CRF because I like the way they look and I wanted to try something different, but you are splitting hairs trying to argue which is a better bike. Just take the best deal because when it comes down to it, both bikes are awesome.

That said I am definitely hanging out for a fuel injected 450x...

I rode both side by side before I bought my 06 450x. I thought they were both great bikes, but I couldn't find any really good deals on the wr so I got the X.

On the honda forum you will be told to get the x, and if you go to the wr forum you will get told the wr. also remember, there are many different bikes out there because there are many different riders, so whats good for us may not be good for you.

all great answers. thanks

Honda hands down it's the bike of all bikes it's a mans bike

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