atk 605 timing question/hard starting

I have a 98 ATK 605 that I have had since 2003. It has a Big Gun exhaust with the quiet core that works great.

lately the bike will not start when cold. I usually need a tow to get it going. After that it starts great. It will start every time with starting fluid sprayed on the filter.

I adjusted the valves (they were very tight) and took apart the Delorto 40 PHM. I run a 65 pilot and 188 main as recommended by Keith at ADB about 3 years ago. I also went through the choke as this has given me problems in the past.

Anyway according to the manual there are 2 timing marks on the upper timing pulley, I have a groove and a white mark next to it. Am I understanding correctly that the grooves on the 2 pulleys should line up exactly? (Both currently line up.)

Your obviously lean so i would get the choke working 100%. Maybe a bigger pilot for cold weather. If it had a pumper carb a whack or two on the throttle would solve the issue.

How much clearence on the valves? I liked .005, I think the spec is .003. Take the choke assy off the side of the carb and make sure it goes all the way down when in the off position. It is tough to replace the carb with something like an FCR because it hits the frame tube, so you are stuck with the dell or a round slide mikuni. I think you are correct on the timing, if you have no manual I may have a digital one here for you. I know you use a straight edge to line up all the marks at tdc. The procedure is a little different between the 600 and 500, so be careful.

Thanks, the valves are at 005. I took it out today and needed a tow to start. after that it started great all day. At the ATK forum they said to check for a dent in the slide.

There will be a dent in the bottom of the slide from the idle screw. That would cause a low idle condition. Once you get it running, does it idle? If so, I don't think that is the problem. Where is the fuel screw adjusted?

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