SSR 110 stunt

I have a 2010 SSR 110 and im looking for a hand brake and pegs does anyone know a good set up for that bike?

I found some nevermind

Got a dx3 what did u go with? My boy used BMX pegs seem pretty solid

Thats what im told to use but did he have to get an extended axel rod? Also I have a 07 110

No i bought the cheap pegs from DICKS sporting goods... Diamond Back pegs... then i used a grinder to make them fit both the width and length so the axle could go through..then just wrap skateboard grip tape around them for grip.... as for your hand brake i bought the 50stunt one. U might be better off getting the one for the KLX100 cause the 50 bracket wont work i had to make one but i also have the rear hand brake. but if u have a DX3 you should have a rear rotor w/ caliper for you might as well measure how long of a cable you need get the lever and tap into you brake line


Did you change the front forks or the rear shock for stunting?

Na I'm just riding idle and shit really plus i kept my old axle adjuster so when i go trail riding i can take the pegs off and still have a softer suspension to ride trails. that and i have a 2001 F4i fully stunted so no need to really change it when i can just take the big bike out

Did you have to get a long axel rod when u put the pegs on?

No i altered the Peg it so i can run pegs or if i wanna trail ride go back and removed the pegs and put the old adjusters back on

So you can just take the adjusters off and it will still work

So u can run with no adjusters? How did u do that pics please?

No you remove the spacer plates on both sides leave the adjuster bolts in... I took the Diamond Back BMX pegs and ground them down so i could fit it into the swing arm then i ground down the back side of the pegs till the axle fit far enough through to get the nut on... then you just use a measuring tape to adjust your wheel... I just got my new exhaust soo when i put it on ill take pictures for you to show you what i did

Did you just grind down the pegs thats it just wondering cause im doing the same thing

um...yes i said grind them down idk about 3 times...

Ok thanks for the help but could you post a side pic of one of sides so I can see what you did

yes later tonight i will post better pictures for you

True Pit biker , Making it work !


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