DR-z250 Oil Temp

Anyone know what the oil temp for a drz250 should be. I've just fitted a trailtech voyager which has an engine temp sensor and I had a max temp of 114c and average over the ride of 103c. This is the oil temp where the line from the cooler enters into the head. It was 18c ambient while riding.

When the temps gets near to 110 it doesn't want to idle properly and hesitates when given throttle. Any informed opinions welcome, thanks

I would think anything under 120c (250f) would be OK. I am basing that on experience with Harley oil temps.

Thanks GlennF. Similar ranges in other posts. I think the problems I'm having regarding idle and hesitation may be fuel vapourising in the carb. If the temp is high and I stop at a junction with the bike idling resonably well the temp climbs a bit and the engine stops like I hit the kill switch. It takes a twist of throttle to fire back up.

I saw a guy in Vietnam who put a heat shield around the carb boot and a air duct pointed at the carb on a Djebel. He reckoned it worked well.

Stock, the DRZ250 is jetted very lean. Mine has the California carb and I went up one size on the pilot jet, two on the main and shimmed the needle .070 (1.8mm). The lean jetting with the heat may be causing your priblems.

I'm running a 50 Pilot, 130 Main needle on the bottom clip, fuel screw 2,1/4 turns out. All the usual mods. I just put an aftermarket silencer on it. It runs good makes good power and after putting the pipe on is a lot easier to start after a fall (it used to be a bitch). Last weekend the ambient was only 14C and the oil never went past 108c. I had no problems with it stalling. Definitely something to do with engine temps above 110c.

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