Oil System on crf 450


I've been looking around this forum for a while now, and I decided to write my first post.

On my Crf 450 I've just replaced the countershaft and 3 and 4 gear on it, due to a broken circlip that managed to get in between sprocket and shaft. :-(

While reassemblying the engine, I started to wonder how the oil "travels around the engine".

I can see that the oil pump is taking oil from "crank compartment" through a one way valve, then through the oil filter and at last spraying it pack under the piston.

Am I right or wrong?

There is a valve just beneath the oil filter chamber, can you test it just by trying to blow through it?

In addition to this I see no connection between the tranny compartment and crankcase compartment. How are the oil in tranny then cleaned or isnt it cleaned at all?

Forgot to mention that it is a 04

You have more than 1 oil jet,

1 for the piston bottom

1 for the crankshaft

1 for the head (I thought, not sure of his way)

The transmission don't need oil pressure and this oil wasn't filter

The transmission oil is not filtered or pumped. It is moved around by by the gears and the clutch.

On the engine side, you have an oil line that goes to the crank, and another that goes to the head in addition to the piston oil jet.


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