Time to move up !

hey guys, new to TT here :rant: im 14, 5 foot 5, about 120 lbs, and i ride a yz85 but i wanna move up. ive been looking at some yz250f and im keen on them as there dont seem to be any issues. buuuuuuuut, i will be paying for this next bike out of my own pocket money, so i wanna make sure i make the right choice. 2005 yz250f, reliable? torquey? sounds good? (lol very important)

thanks TT'ers :smirk:

Very Reliable, very torquey, you'll love it

you will love it.im 16 5'6 and i weigh about 145.i came off of a cr85 and i rode my friends crf250r,very nice ride.i love the smooth power and all the bottom end,i have an 03 yZ250f now :smirk: your gonna love it compared to the 85

One of the most reliable 250f's out there,but you should keep up on your maintenence for peace of mind.

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The bike is only as reliable as the owner so before you buy be sure and check it over really well

yes i maintaine my current bike very well, and swede that is very good advice thankyou !

Save up a few more pennies and get 06 or newer, they are worth it!

I'm buying my buddy's old bike which is 05 yz250f, lucky dog got a 11 ktm 350 :lol:.. I'm 5'5 135lbs and I rode it yesterday without any problems although I will be getting a link and dropping the forks to lower it a bit since I will be on trails more than track. It is torquey, sounds great with a new M4 exhaust:thumbsup:, plus Swede73 and kx100nick were right on the money as being reliable. I know the bike I'm buying has low hours and has been maintained to the "T", also at the price I'm getting I couldn't pass it up. I looked at the newer models but with buying bikes for me and my son I couldn't justify the additional cost. Since you are paying for this bike out of your pocket you want to make sure of a few things depending on what type of riding you plan to do and if you are wanting a serious race bike. Def look it over as good as you can, checking for serious signs of abuse and neglect if you find that you might wanna walk away cause repairs vs any savings on the price won't balance out. I don't plan on serious racing so having the steel frame wasn't an issue but the aluminum frame looks slick. Be cautious if you find a newer bike for less money than most older models cause from what I've seen during my search is that there are reasons why its so cheap, not that they really need the money but they don't wanna spend it to repair the bike. Sorry, I started to ramble :rant:... I say get on the 05 yz250f and if its in good shape and you like the way it rides then get it, they are nice bikes :smirk:

i might start racing but it wont be serious enough that the frame will make a difference for me. plus i like the look of the 05 aswell :smirk:

Have someone look at it, make sure it's solid. 4 strokes can be very expensive as far as a rebuild compared to a 2 stroke. Have you considered a YZ 125? Good luck with moving up.

Have someone look at it, make sure it's solid. 4 strokes can be very expensive as far as a rebuild compared to a 2 stroke. Have you considered a YZ 125? Good luck with moving up.

yeah, my dads a mechanic so he knows what to look for. he has rebuilt too many 4t engines to count. and yeah i hanve considered the 125 but i love the power of a 4t compared to the 2t. it just suits my style better.

I bought my 05 yz250F off of my buddy I grew up because I knew how it was treated. I also love the look of the 05 and wanted the steel frame, and in cross country racing to me I wouldnt benefit from the aluminum very much. But I love mine, im putting a fresh top end right now. I had to replace two intake valves (due to my laziness,make sure to be consistant on valve checks). But the valves still have the original shims in them. I say go for it, you wont regret it.

thanks for your input mate :rant: i will probably be racing mx, and not to toot my own horn but im a fairly good rider, but i wont be riding serious enough that a steel frame will bother me :smirk:

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