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Te610 and sm610 exhaust compatibility

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I've recently bought an 2000 te610 which currently has the duel pipe setup on it, Unfortunatley it does not seem to fit the bike at all well and seems to throw all the panels out, (radiator being pushed forward, hole melted in under seat mudguard) it actually set the rear left side panel on fire as I was riding it yesterday....

I'm not 100% but i suspect that it may have been fitted with a Single pipe originally, does anyone know what differences there are between the singal and double tail pipe bikes?.

Also looking at new exhaust system however it's advertised for a sm610, will this fit my bike?

Are later years exhausts compatible with my bike?



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the rear panels should be "flared" to warap around the silencer, if your RHS panel is (was) relatively flat , then it was a single pipe bike,

what model exactly..??,

as there have been differences,

I have probably still got a used RHS panel - if you want the part no's to check,

( moulded into panel)


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