New to me RMX buddy bike

Hi Guys,

I just picked up a spare bike. 1993 RMX from the original owner. Its very clean but I'm going to go through it. If any one has a manual laying around that they want to sell PM me. Any tips for maintenance and set up will be appreciated.





1. Where should I start with suspension? Sag numbers / Springs front and back / oil wt

2. Gearing, what is stock? and tight woods recommendations

3. The P.O said he only gets 40 miles per tank...I find that hard to believe with a 2.9 gallon tank he was an intermediate rider.

4. Until I get a manual can some what give me torque specs for the Pinch bolts and front axle.

5. any one have a diagram of power valve assembly?

Thanks in Advance,


Clean bike. You can find a kickstand on that auction site.

1. What weight do you want to set it up for? If from 135-170 the stock springs/valving are fine. Rear sag needs to be set at 100mm race/25-35 static. I don't adjust the fronts. Set the clickers for the above weights from the OEM manual, also available at times from that auction site.

2. 13/50 is stock. For woods only I recommend 51 on rear; the front end will get light/come up when exiting corners with a 52 or higher. Desert stock or 49 rear. I've used a 47/48 to keep ahead of my 4 stroke buddies but 1st becomes too high for rock crawling were it not for my auto clutch.

3. I've gotten 70 miles of single track out without going on reserve (I got tired first!) You jetting may be too rich, especially on the pilot. Try FMF or PC's guidelines if still available on line.

4. Mine are conventional forks but they are set at 17.5 nm.

5. Do a parts diagram-web search and you will find a blowup of the exhaust valve parts. Clean the parts of gum/carbon every top end and replace the ball point-pen springs.

^sorry...I weigh 205 without gear

Ah! The "Suzuki KDX!" Great find, that thing looks MINT!

Ah! The "Suzuki KDX!" Great find, that thing looks MINT!

Yes...It was between the RMX and a KDX. I was all set to buy a 2001 KDX 200 but the guy wouldn't move off his price. As I was mulling the price over, I came across this one owner bike. A plated bike that appears to need nothing for 1100.00

Got a link to the KDX?

Clean bike for sure for the price. I have one as my primary bike and love it for the woods.

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