Looking for some info on accessories

Okay I am new to ATV's (quads) I am a dirt bike guy by heart but just recently bought a 2008 Can Am 500 Outlander EFI-XT something both me and my wife can use together. I am looking to buy a nice storage unit to mount on the rear rack that also has a comfortable seat or back cushion for a passenger. I researched the Internet and like many things there are hundreds of options on these things but are there brands or styles better than others? Are the ones with the separate seat cushion better than the units that just have the backrest built into the storage unit? My concern with the units that have separate seat is does that give you to much weight on the rear of the quad because that seat would be mounted directly over the rear rack? The current stock seat on my quad is big enough for two people but I want to give my wife the most comfortable ride I can we plan to do some long rides and comfort will be key. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Going to just have to exhaustively search the net!

My advice is not to ride 2up! Not trying to stir it up here, but iv'e seen the results of 2up riding on a single rider atv too many times. The best thing to do is ante up and get her own atv or sell yours and buy a 2rider atv. That will get your wife the most comfort. (we love our Can-am 800 ltd).The biggest issue is the driver not being able to manuever freely in case he has to take evasive action (say...to quickly swerve to avoid hitting the oncoming car or cow in the road etc.) Another is the weight balance changes drastically putting too much weight over or behind the rear axle, causing the front end to un weight and lessen steering ability. But hey thats your choice......

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