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Couple engine questions, new piston?

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Well, I should be riding today. I was determined to fix my sticky carb yesterday and had new cables to install, which I did. I disassembled the carb and cleaned it up, I did find a little junk in the bowl which may explain my intermittent hard starts. So I noticed the slide would stick when rasing it up and down and removed it.

One of the rollers fell off of the slide. The other three all seem attached better so I did not pry on them too hard. Should they come off like that? Do I need to do something about it?

I then noticed the seal for the wear plate all swelled up and nasty looking. I reassembled everything without the plate and seal and it seems to work well. I put the plate and tried to get the seal to work, but it is swollen. It sticks worse than before now.:smirk: So no riding today.

I ordered a new wear plate and seal and then I got to thinking.

While I am down this week and really don't know how many hours are on my bike, should I do more? My valves are in spec and to my knowledge, have never been shimmed. I would rather get everything ready now since Hare Scrambles season starts in March.

I was going to put a new piston and cam chain in just for good measure. I know I have put 60 hours on the bike.

So is there anything else I should replace inspect? I am going to tear it down today and check the crank as best I can.

I was going to order the Wiseco 13:1 top end kit. It comes with all the gaskets so it just seemed easy to order it this way.

I will get a new OEM cam chain as it is only $47. I looked at the Tsubaki ones, but it is $150. Is there any reason to spend the extra money?

Gonna replace my seeping countershaft sprocket seal also. It just leaks a tiny amount every now and then.

Thanks for your help.

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The OEM cam chain is fine. The TT cam chain tensioner is worth the 40 bucks or what ever it costs.

Make sure that linkage in the carb that raises and lowers the throttle valve is clean and lubed right. That can mess with the throttle action and gets over looked a lot.

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Thanks. I actually got the carb working fine now.

I am a dummy and sprayed carb cleaner in and around the slide not knowing it would make the seal swell. Overnight, it went back down and now it works fine. I still have the new seal and plate coming.

I also found I have finally been bitten by the Honda valve monster. My left side intake was zeroed out. The Sumter enduro must have done it in. I'll have a plan for that today. Probably explains why it was getting weird to start.

My cylinder looks great. I can see all the cross hatching and only a slight bit of wear on the front side. It is not out of round, there is only some slight vertical marking.

So, new piston, head, cam chain and I should be good. I have a TT cam tensioner and just never put it on so now is the time.

I did find a little pile of plastic scrapings in the cam tensioner cavity when I took it apart. It was sitting out of the way and looked like it had shaved off and sat there. I could see no damage to the guides though. Any ides?

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