05 CR250 - After Market Flywheel???

I still trying to figure out the history on this 05 CR250

I toke off the left side cover and did not expect to see this type of flywheel. Can anyone identify this flywheel to a manufacturer and possibly a weight?

What effects does this have being on the bike? I really don't feel like riding a tame bike because I bought a 2-stroke to rip

Is this removable or do I need to purchase the OEM?

Or is it OEM and I just wasted a thread?



Is it just me or is there no picture or any other info to try and identify.

That looks like the Trail Tech heavy flywheel that I have on CRF, it will slow the hit of the 2 smoke way down, if you ride the woods it'great but not on the MX track

did this replace the OEM flywheel or is it mounted on top? i didn't want to mess with it until i got all the parts that i need to remove it and make it stock

look on ebay for a cheap stock flywheel, put it on and see if there is any difference in power delivery

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