Stony Ford Ca. hornets nest

Went riding at Stony Ford yesterday, my friend took me through "hornets nest", and "shag nasty". we rode over 70 miles.

The weather was nice, about 30 in the morning , and 65 by the afternoon

My 08' 450 exc-r now has many new scratches, and scrapes, I wiped out a few times. The bike held up well. electric fan came on many times.

I have 14/45 gearing , and need to go lower, maybe a 51 in the rear.

Anyone ride these trails?

All in all it was a good day, but I'm pretty beat,

Man I love Stony, it's the best place ever to ride.

Were going again nest weekend. come join us..

Love Stoneyford, but it's a long way from Phoenix....typically go for thanksgiving....

I have a 530XC-W (stock 13/50 gearing)'s perfect for singletrack...i think 14/52 is pretty solid all around gearing if there's more open riding as well.

Was up there a week ago Monday with a few buddies. Was amazing weather.

We started in Lil Stony and up CRackerbox. Wrapped up 22 and back down 20 before taking 40? down towards DAvis Flats, then breaking left onto something that led us into some steep rutted hillclimibing up into 33/43 etc area. That was hard! Doh! A couple steep sections claimed my humility. grrrr

Took 33 to trail 6...and was heading for trail 4 when we ran into snow. SNOW!! And too much of it to continue. Was not ready for that one. AT mile 35.

We turned around....and headed south on the next fireroad we crossed. This took us no where fast except back up in elevation and into the snow again. We forged ahead a few times luckily joining another fireroad that was headed back towards Mills campground.

At this point the lone two stroker of the group reached down and threw it on reserve. Uh oh....About four miles later the guy on the Yamaha follows suite. Come on guys yer killing me here! REally?

At any rate we wound up on the paved road heading into Davis Flats when the 2smoker ran out of gas finally. And the Yamiguy was on fumes. I rolled ahead to DAvis Flats and found some very nice folks who were just pulling out. Asked htem if I could borrow some smoker gas and they obliged with a 3gallon can. AWESOME. About now the guys come coasting in. Fill up the smoker, and one of the guys motions to the Yami guy to follow him to the side of his toy hauler. Dude opens up the side compartment and pulls out a full sized fuel hose, nozzle and all and proceeds to fill his bike up. All for free! These guys were awesome. Turns out is was Mr. Posey Sr. of the Posey Racing Motors family. So if any of you need engine work done in NorCal, look up Posey Racing Motors!!

Wow...that went on a bit didn't it?

Anyway, yes, Stony rocks! Love that place. We rode 70miles that day as well. And guess what? I did it all without hitting reserves on my KTM. :-)

I was up there Friday Feb 4 and we put on over 80 miles. We also went up 6 and into the snow - Although I knew it was there because I was up there the week before...Snow level is supposed to get down to 1500 or lower by the end of the week.

My 300 2t was getting close to 30 mpg and I have a 3 gallon tank - The only reason we went back to Davis was to get a bite at 3 in the afternoon...We were riding the "teen" trails - absolutely epic, and hit all the trails you did as well, 604...but the finale for us is always 20 followed by 22:banana:

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