Springfield MO. area Dirt Bike Shops.


Wife and I went and saw our college daughter Sat., and I thought I would check out a few bike shops. Found plenty of H-D chopper type bike shops but not much in the way of Off Road stuff. So where do you guys go in the southern part of the state? With Chadwick and the Mark Twain National Forest, and the decent size of the population of Springfield I thought I would find a decent Shop. Just curious?? Cman.

You must of not looked very hard, there is KTM of the Ozarks and a big Suzuki and a Yamaha dealership too, and a few smaller shops.

I guess your right. I'll reload and look again. I knew of a Kawasaki shop and there use to be Pro Cycle, but that was years ago.

Pro Cycle sucked, and finally died after ripping off innumerable people. The Kawi shop on south Glenstone is a total joke, how they stay in business is beyond me.

For good shops..417 Powersports, the KTM/Husaberg/Gasgas shop way out on south Campbell (they just moved to a new location, check their Facebook page for complete directions).

Springfield Yamaha, 5183 east Kearney.

LSK Suzuki/Kawasaki/Husqvarna, 801 N Jefferson ave. Lebanon, MO

There are others in surrounding towns, Marionville, Neosho, Joplin, etc.. plus several small, family owned, service/parts/consignment places (Cycle Broker on Chestnut Expressway comes to mind) in and around Spfld.

Don't forget Dirt Bike Bob, aka-Dirt Bikes Unlimited

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