Skidplate bolts -05 EXC450

Hi guys,

Decided to remove my skidplate for my first oil change. Both rear bolts snapped...

They are threaded into the frame, the rectangular bar below the rear end of the engine.

The threads themselves seem to be removable with a hex head, anyone know what I mean? I´d like to know if they really are removable and if so, are the threads normal or backwards?

Don´t want to damage more than I have to :smirk:

btw, I traded my XR400 for this bike. The difference is HUGE! EXC rocks!

The threads are normal right handed threads, i.e. counterclockwise to remove.

Ditto what Chas said above. Once you clean the threads, just go to your local hardware store and get some (8?)mm bolts/washers that you like.

The threads in the frame are a threaded insert. They are pushed up in and then pulled tight with a tool similar to a rivet tool. Not going to be as simple as just unthreading them from the frame. The hex is built into them to keep them from spinning with the bolt. Those bolts being a 6mm by 1.0 thread. Unfortunately your best hope is to try and use penetrating fluid and hope to maybe drill out or extract the pieces of the bolts that are broken off.

There is the option of just taking a chisel and breaking of the outer lip of them so that they fall back into the frame and replace them with new ones. They can be found at most of the bigger hardware stores (Fastenal for example) but you will of course need the tool to set them also. The only downside to this is that the old ones could possibly rattle around a little in that tubing that they are mounted in. Might not have enough room to really bounce and be any big deal though.

It seemed almost too easy to be true, I did wonder why the inserts didn´t unthread themselves along with the bolts. I used a bit of force to break the bolts :rant:

Thanks for your replies!

I´ll ask my local dealer how much $$ this is gonna cost me before spending on tools (new drill and quality extractors needed...)

It would be pretty cool if the inserts were removable. If KTM had made it that easy... They do know the skidplate will get pretty beat up on a bike like this :lol: Mine is warped, broken and welded by the PO. I´d never do anything to my beloved bike the could risk hurting it :smirk:

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