Why Hawaii gets 2010 & 2011's?

can anyone help me understand why Hawaii is getting the 2010's and 11's while the other states don't? That could also be a reason for the price fluctuation. Any changes I need to know about from 09 to 11 that would effect ease of maintenance or availability of aftermarket parts (I saw clutch parts that said 05-09)? I know they didn't change much. Thanks in advance.

no change.HI is no different than anywhere else in the USA to my knowledge.no parts production since '09,just assembly of excess inventory to market as '10 & '11 models.

Damn that's misleading. I was surprised when cycle sports told me they are getting the 11's in may I just assumed it was a current model. I read about the piecing together 09 parts but now everything makes sense. They are not only piecing together old parts but marketing them as the new years model. I assume they would market them as 09's but of course they wouldn't want to do that in 2011. Thanks for helping on both of my posts man.

So basically scoop the 10 off the floor right when the 11's cone since it is the same exact bike and it will be discounted and still brand new.

depends how much you consider "bold new graphics" a change

Maybe someone has a brand new leftover '03 lol!!

I live on an island. I would buy an 09 but there is no more new sitting around and people that have em aRe not selling yet.

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