Goggle lens

Dwight-I am wondering what kind of lens you like in your goggles.

Because I wear glasses I use the Scott 87 OTG. Back in the old days

I liked the the GREY GRADIENT color lens (raceing moto-cross). I'd

like to know what you like in the woods going in and out of the trees

from the dark of the woods to bright light, and with dust mixed in. Maybe

there are some better color lens nowdays for this kind of use.




I know you are asking Dwight's advice, but i really like the Amp Rose lens. I wear Scott Voltage, and love this lense. It gives really good contrast and takes the strain off of bright light situations too. One of my friends really likes the yellow lense (forget it's official name). Buy one of each and try them.

Scott Voltage here too.

I have had Lasik and my eyes are a bit light senstive, so I have been running the blue tint. I love 'em. Lets my eyes relax and gives good contrast.

Voltage here too. I used the blue lens for a while, and it was nice for brightness, but I thought it didn't give much contrast. I use the yellow now (I believe it's called amber) and I love it. Nice contrast and helps me going in and out of the sun because it brightens up the dark so the difference isnt so much.

I love my Progrips. They have a light sensitive lens and it works great!

I used the Scott Amp Blue forever and was very happy, but recently switched to the Amp Rose. It gives much better contrast in the desert and mountains, I won't be going back.

Thanks for all of your post on this lens colors. Please any one that has some input post away.

And Dwight-if your reading any of this give us some tips on lens and other goggle tricks & tips you use or that other pro's use. We all need to be able to see our best.

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