CRF 450x gearing?

Question, I have an 05 crf 450x. It is advertised as having a wide gear ratio. I know it comes standard with a 13/51, I changed it to a 14/51 to widen it a little bit, but it honestly doesn't seem wide at all. My friend has an 08 rmz 450 which I know is a track bike, and the gears seem much wider. So I guess my question is, what is a good sprocket combination for trail and desert riding? Thanks

Changing the sprockets does not affect how wide the gear spacing is. Wide ratio means the gear ratios in the transmission are spread further apart than normal.

For example, the CRF450R has a 1.8:1 1st gear, and a .909:1 5th gear. The 450X has a 2.232:1 1st gear, and a .826:1 5th gear.

The 450X has a lower 1st, and a deeper 5th making it better for low speed operation, yet the engine wont be screaming at sustained higher speeds.

I am running 13/48 & am going to go 14/48. Ridden a couple 450x's with 14/48 in all kinds terrain & IMHO is probably general ratio for everything.

Might as well go 15/47 or 48 and buy a new chain for desert riding.

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