Nikasil Cylinder Question

I'm ging to be attempting my first top end rebuild on my 07 450 XC-W. I've researched my Service Manual AND RockyMountainAtv's youtube video on the matter, but still have a question:

If the cylinder has no damage, o I leave it alone and reinstall, rough it up, send out, etc???


if it passes the fingernail test then dont do it.

What would that be?

See if your fingernail catches on any apparent scratch marks. If not, the cylinder is fine after a good scotctbrighting or light ball honeing. Make it you wash it well with hot soapy water just before you put it back together.

Bear in mind that the nikasil will not withstand deglazing with a silicon carbide hone. An aluminum oxide ball hone is OK, but MHO is that a green scotchbrite pad with warm soap and water does a great job. Be sure to completely wash out the cylinder with clean soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Have any of you tried the Scotchbrite pad and Muriatic acid trick? I haven't but would like to hear from anyone who has.

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