18" rear wheel

I am looking for a 18" rear wheel for my 05 YZ250. There are a few older ie: 78 models on eBay. Do these wheels fit my bike? Thnxs for your help.

something as old a s a 78 is most likely going to have a drum brake which wont work. browse the forums or do a search to see what others are using :smirk:

ya, there are plenty plenty of older YZ/WR wheels on ebay for real cheap.... and they all have drum brakes so automatically it's a no. The Sure Fire way is to cross reference Bikebandit's or Ronayer's part fiche - ie: look up 2005 YZ rear wheel's part number(mainly, the hub's and the rim's) and see if the one you want to buy from Ebay has the same part number.

Hi, I found a matching WR 18 for my 98 YZ on ebay. Only certian years will match your bike (e.g. for me only 96-98 WR will fit a 98 YZ). You need to look up you rear hub part number off of an OEM site, like bike bandit (as said before). When a WR wheel shows up on ebay that is close in year, then look up the WR wheel on the same OEM site and match the hub part number. If they match, then you know you will have a fit. Note the you will still likely have to replace both the sprocket and the rotor. For instance, I put 97 WR 18 on my 98 YZ and I had to replace the rotor with a YZ rotor since the WR rotor is about 1" less is diameter and the sprocket needs to match what you run. Since I run a 52, I had to remove the 49 that came on it. BTW, those old wheels on ebay are Husky wheels, not WR wheels, but they always show up on a WR wheel search. Thanks, Jeff

hi, well the fix to that is this, i have a 04 yz 250 2t and i put a wheel from my 04 wr 250 and it fit right on, not sure a 98 back will work.

so i would think any of the modern wr's would fit right up .

dont get used anything..if you want to go cheaper get the moose rim laced to your stock hub...or do it youself for even cheaper. when i did mine on my yz it was like 300 for everything including labor and tube and tire

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