Power Now System?

Hey just trying to make some small mods to my bike without actually doing motor work (long term to much crap goes wrong)... and i was wondering how you view the Power Now System?

Basically yes or no? and why?

Thanks!! :smirk:


The are designed for people who refuse to get thier bikes jetted right. The device masks poor jetting and it effectively reduces carb size.

ohh really? thanks :smirk:

Keep in mind, 99.9% of the ads you see for gimmicks to make things better/faster are lies.

I disagree strongly that the wing products are snake oil.

What they do achieve is more power and throttle response at a smaller throttle opening.

They do not however increase horse power, and in fact will reduce peak horsepower.

They do work on bikes with bad carb choices (Mikuni on the XR650R, CV carbs on DRZ400's) to improve the stock carbs throttle response.


LOL, I am not on board with you (but you know that already :smirk:)

Proper carb setup makes them unneeded. If a rider needs to focus on low speed riding, they need to set up the carb accordingly.

With a CV carb, the nature of the design of a vacuum operated slide makes the wing concept redundant. Problem with setting a CV carb up is not only do you have to deal with a needle but you have the spring and vacuum orifices to get right and unless you are real knowledgeable, have access to the correct parts, it can be impossible. Jetting a FCR is 10X easier.

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