Anyone help!!


I could have gone riding this morning. But I didn't. Wish I had!! My wife owns a chain of day care centers here in Tennessee and she has a state review of one this comming Wed. Didn't want to leave her with all that work by herself, just to go riding. She gives me an hour off to watch the replay of the SX. I think I saw where it was on Speed at 12:00 CST. I go home, no SX on Speed. I go to CBS, Basketball. Local Fox, Nascar. No SX, no where!! I land the TV on CMT for just a little while, I have to say, I hate country music, and I hate beer. Could it be, I'm not the Redneck I thought I was? I may be run out of my beloved South after that statement, so before I go, can anyone tell me when and where the replay of Houston will be for the central time zone?


I didn't go down that far on the page to see that thread. Yea, right I'll get to see that one in the AM.

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