Internal resevoir rear brake cylinder for WR400???

Do any of the other WR4XX rear brake cylinders that are internal bolt into the WR400? I need to rebuild mine, and I'm thinking I'd much rather make the investment into a rear master cylinder with an internal reservoir?

The 03 and up steel framed YZ and WR master cylindrs have an integral reservoit and will bolt right up (once you cut the old reservoir tab off the frame). Find 'em pretty cheep on e-bay.

is the brake line the same or you buy from a 03 and up???

I sure hope it's the same line... as I just purchased an internal resevoir rear brake cylinder!

we waiting to hear from you..about the it easy????

I used the stock 426 brake line...and yes, it's a piece of cake to install. Hardest part is cutting off the old reservoir mounting tab.

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