Metal Shavings in My Oil Filter

Hey Guys,

I bought a 2002 Wr250f five months ago and ive only been out on a few rides. I recently changed the oil and when doing so i found some finely grinded up metal shavings behind the oil filter. I didnt see any in the actual oil, but im not much of a mechanic and just curious to if know if this is normal or should i be concerned?

Could be parts from clutch. Check if its magnetic, that would help.

Ok i will im going to do some work this week and if it is magnetic whats next? Thanks for the reply i appreciate it.

is it copper colored? if so it could be the cranks thrust bearings and you would need a crank.

no its not copper colored. it is metallic colored.

If its non magnetic it more then likely would be clutch. I think that the metal plates in the clutch are also steel. It could be shaved pieces of that, or gears, or anything like that. Do you notice any grinding? I dont know enough about this to tell you what it is, but there are people on here who know a wholeeee lot more then me

Do a search on the topic. You will find a lot of info on this topic. my sons has done this , come to find out he doesnt like to use the clutch.

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