A question about handlebar height in relationship to turning...

Hey everyone,

So while out riding the trails recently I started to notice that I felt like I couldn't get the bike over anymore without leaning with the bike more. In turns that aren't bermed out really well, that can lead to lots of surprise sliding that takes me out.

In say, a right hand turn, I feel like I've got my right hand down as far as it can go, and I could use some lean. To get more though, at that point since my arm is 95% extended (some flex left for bump absorption), I feel like I have to lean more with the bike, and when I do that, I slide out a lot more.

Would a taller handlebar perhaps allow me to lean the bike over more? Maybe a skinnier bar setup? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong?

Thoughts much appreciated from you all.

Move your butt more, get more off to the side of the seat.

Dont go with higher bars , I took my Bar raisers off and can turn easier now .

Maybe look at your whole technique , probably not doing something correctly .

Easiest is to get someone to watch you ride and give you pointers .

Steer from the rear :smirk:

I think Your height, has a lot to do with feeling comfortable on Your bike... I am 5'11,, and I have 2 inch higher handlebars on My bike, from stock,and, they feel just right,, not just corners,but, everything in between....04RM250,,it makes Me feel like a part of the bike,not, just sitting on top of it...... good luck.......Dr.D..

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