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2006 T250 jetting

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Hey everybody!

First time with Husky, seems to be a great bike! Was searching for some info but didn't find it. Can someone tell me the stock jetting for my bike please?

Also, do the JD kit is a must? I mean, many people tell it's good and some that it's just ok but not necessary. Actually my setting are :

OBDVR 4th clip




Seems to be rich? Also i find that the fuel mixture screw is missing his spring and the o-ring was completely desintegrated in the bottom of the hole were it screws!!! Don't know if it for this reason that the previous owner has set this jetting. Anyway, can someone try to help me figure this out??? Almost forgot, i didn't try the beast at all! I'm just giving all the love he needs to have good rides :smirk:

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The fellow that owned my TE250 before me worked on the jetting of my bike. These are the notes he made in the back of the manual.

Stock Jetting

175 main

50 pilot

1.25 fuel screw

35 Leak Jet

Needle OBDVT

Clip 3rd from top

AC pump 2 out

He experimented with these changes and was close for 3,000 ft elevation. If my memory is right. Seems there was a flat spot (slight bog)...

165, 170 main

45 pilot

Needle OCDVR

Clip 5th from top

I put in a JD kit (better shape needle was my purpose). Problem solved.

You probably know this. The red knob is the hot choke. The small black knob is the cold choke. Just in case...black knob is pulled out.

It's been 4-years, I'm sorry I can't remember anything more.

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