Where is THE XR250L info?

I just got a virgin xrl and I'm wanting to do some searching for all the "needed" mods. Is there a big master thread or blog about them somewhere?


Here's one I wrote, but there is lots of other info also available; use the search function on ThumperTalk or try Google:

XR250L Project :smirk::rant:

Thank you!

I printed it off to read thru it later. Looks like alot of good info in there.

Can you say if there is 1 mod that was the most bang for the buck?

I just bought the bike and maybe it has old gas in it but it's doesn't like to kickstart right away (kind of chilly out). Has a pretty big bog off idle too. And the throttle has a slight stick or catch off idle.

Any advice? Thanks!

(anyone know where I can buy new blue fork boots for it that fit near perfect?)

Not sure about the best mod but maybe jetting, exhaust and header grinding should see a significant improvement. Just the headers was noticeable for me.

As for bog there is a thread around here that discusses cutting the spring next to the carb by like 20% for a quicker throttle response.

There is a ton of info on this subject here shouldn't be hard to find good luck.

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