cam chain tensioner bolt came loose.....

So I took my bike to the dealer to get the valve clearance checked before my race yesterday, when I was cleaning my bike this morn I saw the 10mm bolt on the tensioner was loose...

My question is, could this have caused any damage? I'm sick of poor workmanship by these dealers!!!

check your valves yourself. after you learn how to do it correctly you will be able to do it in 30 min, plus it's free and you'll know it was done right...the hell with paying labor fees

As far as I know, that bolt's purpose is just to plug the hole, so it won't hurt anything if the bolt is loose.

I'm assuming they had to re-shim a valve? Otherwise, to just check them, they wouldn't have needed to touch the tensioner.

The way it works is that you take out the bolt you are talking about, then stick a small screwdriver in the hole. When you turn the screw in there, you wind up a spring which loosens up the cam chain. When you put it back together, you let go of the screw and the spring unwinds and tensions the cam chain. The screw is then put back in to seal the hole.

- Brad

Thanks guys, After this I am going to do it myself!! I will do a search to find out how and check my owners manual.

They did shim one intake valve, not sure why cause the bike has like less than 30 hours and the mechanic said I will have to replace it soon!!

I did loose some rad fluid when ity boiled up a tech climb, could heat damage a valve?

can heat damage a titanium intake valve? yes, but only in an extremely rare no oil or no coolant or super lean jetting.

adjusting the intake valves *IS* part of normal maintenance.

the question is, what size was the original shim and what was it changed to?

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