2008 CRF450R handlebar selection?

i have a 2008 CRF450R and i dont really like the bars that are on there right now and i'm wondering what kind of bars would work best for me? i'm looking at renthal twinwalls with the kevin windham bend? I'm a taller rider around 6'2"

rc carmicheal high

Do they sit pretty high up?

Do they sit pretty high up?

yes....i have them on all my dirtbikes

they are just about the tallest bar available i think:thumbsup:

After contemplating what bars to put on my 08, and trying a few different bars, I decided to try out a set of $40 ATV bars. I have stock risers, and didn't want to spend the extra money on tall risers...

They are narrower, and MUCH taller. About 1.5-2" taller, and 2" overall narrower. They took a little getting used to, but being 6'2" myself, they really, REALLY help standing, and hill climbing. All I do is trail ride tho...:smirk:

I am 6"0 and love the rc carmicheal high renthal twin wall bars

Actually I was just in the same boat as you. I also am 6' 2" and was looking for a set of tall bars. I was about to pull the trigger on a set of pastrana fmx bends, due to the height of the bars, but I saw a set of pro-taper atv mid bars and they fit the bill. Plus, they were only around fifty bucks out the door.

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