Best performance upgrades for around 200 dollars?

Exhaust? Suspension? Shifters? Brakes? Rims? Anything to make my bike better or faster. (2007 CRF150rb) :smirk:

I've read a lot of post about jetting problems on the 150r's (hard starting, bogging, etc). The previous owner of mine installed a R&D Racing Powerball on the carb and I don't have any of those issues.

I sent my two CRF150R carbs to Tokyo Mods and let them do their magic. When I got them back they started and ran so much better. R&D bowl, fuel screw, less tention throttle spring, accelerator spring, hot start nut, carburetor sump, jetting and hose kit Worth every penny.

Then go with suspenion. I went with Factory Connection works kit night and day difference.

How long did it take to get you carb back from Toyko mods, thinking about sending my to them soon!

I'm in SC so it took about 1 1/2 weeks do to shipping. But they had it shipped in two days.

I'm in SC so it took about 1 1/2 weeks do to shipping. But they had it shipped in two days.

About how much are they roughly?

Buy P90X (fitness DVD series) and leave the bike alone.... :smirk:

p.s. just messing with you.

My girlfriends 150rb had the carb done by tokyo mods. Starts and runs pretty good. I still need to pull the needle to see what it is and the leak jet to see what that is too.

I would get the suspension done first or second after the carb mod. Or just try and rejet it yourself. Lots of threads on here about what some others were using for jetting. Nothing worse than a carb thats not working well.

I too did the R&D Power Bowl. Work great. Also a 45 or 48 pilot depending on your conditions.

Where can I buy a 45 pilot?

Jets r us

Jets r us

And if they dont have it your local dealer or just about any online mx shop.

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