handelbar grip advice

Hi chaps - small thing i know but i need to change my grips , there are millios it seems to chose from . so im coming to you guys for advice if you can .

thanks :smirk:

Can't go wrong with Pro Taper Pillow Tops. Softest grips out there, and some claim they help prevent arm-pump.

I run the new tag ones with the spikes and love them. The pro taper pillow tops are great my son likes those. we ran renthal tapered for 3 years before that

+1..on the Pro Taper....pillow tops...:smirk:

Pillow Tops are the best bar none! Was running the spider grips before but they get really tackie and wear out fast.

Pillow Tops wear out very fast. Oh, and that's all I ever install on any of our 6 bikes - so comfy.

I have tried everything over last 30 years and really like the renthal kevlars. I have had my current set on about 20 hours of hard riding with no sign of wear and still tacky. The pillow tops and the tag spiky ones are nice as well, but wear quickly. Best bang for buck is Scott Hurricanes for like $7.

Renthal Kevlar.

I guess thats the cool thing about grips....they only cost $8.00 to $15.00 for a set of grips....easy to change....I have tried several different styles over the years....Worst case if you dont like them..cut them off and get another set......:smirk:

Hi and thanks chaps - i got some pillow tops this week they look and feel prity good ,so thanks for the advise .:thumbsup:

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