Airoh Aviator Helmet

I am strongly considering buying a 2011 Airoh Aviator. Airoh claims it is the lightest MX helmet in the world tipping the scales at 950g. That sounds almost too good to be true though. My Bell moto 8 is the lightest helmet I hjave ever tried on and it is 1350g. Are the Airoh Aviators as light as they say? My second concern is the venting. Coming from the Bell Moto8, which has increadible venting I am looking for something comprable. Do you guys know of any Airoh dealers in the US? It seems like the only dealers are overseas.

I wonder what shape head they fit. My head fits a Shoei (long and skinny) and I wonder if it will fit an Aeroh.

Sorry, I'm no help :smirk:

I just picked up and Airoh Aviator from DirtBikeExpress in the UK. Ordered it late Sunday night and received it on Thurs through US mail via Royal Mail. Great service at DirtBikeExpress!! I did my research and from what I've read they fit like an Arai. The Arai Large fit me perfect, so I went with a Large on the Airoh. The shape fits just the same only lighter and I could not be happier. It does have a bit of feel like the Shoei vfx-w cushioning where it wraps around the base of your skull nicely. I did not feel like the chin bar was too close either. I wear Oakley Crowbars and Fox Mains and they fit right in there with no issues. The thing is so light it's ridiculous, without any apparent sacrifice to safety. When I grab the base of the helmet where my head goes in and squeeze a bit, there's not the amount of flex I've felt in other helmets I checked out. The build quality and workmanship are impressive as well, with attention to small details not being overlooked. It just looks like someone really took their time making it. Venting appears to be bountiful; living in SoCal, this is a must-have for me. The protruding foam rubber pads on the bottom of the chin bar do not seem to be an issue either. The protrusions are not in the way and have some flex in them as they are not part of the outer shell. I wear an Omega brace.

My thoughts on going with a lighter helmet was to offset fatigue and also protect from neck strain. My last helmet worked great but when I came up short on a double and cased it, my noggin was ripped downward and tagged the chin bar - I really braced for the hard landing too but it felt like a cement weight around my head in those few moments. I never felt like my old helmet was heavy until that incident. My neck was sore from whiplash three days after. Maybe with a lighter helmet like the Airoh, I can prevent that to a degree if it happens again. Either way, looking forward to some great rides with it!


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forgot to mention venting

In Europe this helmets are very commen :smashpc:

Ive had mine for 3 years, its awesome and ofcourse super light, like everyone is like "oh sjiiit, thats sooooo light" :thumbsup:

Defently recommended

When my order for the Airoh Stelt arrived from dirtbikebitz in the UK I thought they shipped me an empty box. Yes, it is that light.

When my order for the Airoh Stelt arrived from dirtbikebitz in the UK I thought they shipped me an empty box. Yes, it is that light.

i said the same thing , very comfortable , one of the best


KTM-Parts out of WV has them listed for sale.


i thought my shoei was expensive. granted a lot of that cost on the Airoh is probably from the shit exchange rate and taxes that need to be offset.

Are the lower end Airohs any good? I could never spend $600+ on a helmet but I would be down for like $200. Even the cheaper ones look pretty BA but are they any better or lighter than like the Suomy I can get at cyclegear for like $250?

I paid roughly 430 for my aviator, awesome light helmet...

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