I just did a top and bottom end rebuild and was wondering where to find top and bottom gaskets...what company?


how did you do a rebuild without the gaskets?

i like athenas, you woluld have need case sealant for the case halves, they dont use a gasket.

i meant i stripped it all down, put new bearings in, cleaned power valves, new piston, i got to put it all back together, but cometic and some other brands only sell the top end kit...the bottom end has a few gaskets too...namely the right side case

Dude, what bike?

I never had a problem with Cometic gaskets pre-2005 Kx250's. I do not like the 05-07 KX250 top end kits from Cometic, the o-rings seems like a smaller diameter and the copper washer is the wrong size. I used Wiseco (might have been Athena, cant recall)bottom end kit and their gasket and seal kit with no problems. When you get a bottom end kit make sure it includes all the seals too.

Moose gaskets (or whatever manufacturer is rebranded) suck donkey balls.

sorry 92 kdx...

Hi there. Vesrah makes a complete gasket set. Can purchase at TT Parts Store for oh..... about $45? Not sure on the price check TT web site.

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