Just brought home a 2001 DR650!! need some help!

Just brought home a 2001 DR650 with 7300 miles but its been sitting for about a year and doesnt want to idle at all, it just dies when i take my hand off the throttle(bad gas?). I plan on draining the old gas and putting some fresh gas in it tonight after work. Is there anyadditives I should put in the new gas to help clean the carb? Also, it most likely needs new brake pads, wheres the cheapest place to get them(online) or would my local dealer carry them in stock?


If the bike was running well before the layup I would suspect a dirty or clogged pilot jet. The passages in this jet are very small and are easily blocked and todays gas formulations go bad much faster than the good old days.

I very much doubt any fuel additive will fix your problem. Pretty sure you will need to remove the jet and I would chase the passages with a strand of copper or brass wire (from electrical wire or a brush) and blast with aerosol carb cleaner. Or better yet just replace the jet to be certain.

Also a good time to do a little rejetting which is well covered in this forum.


You could drain all the old gas out of the tank and carb, then mix some seafoam with fresh gas.... see if that helps. If not, then you need to pull the carb and clean it thoroughly.


save yourself some time and pull the carb and clean it good!

+1 You will be better off making sure that carb is clean. Replace those float assembly o-rings as well and you will save yourself some possible grief down the road.

Alright, looks like its time for a jet kit and the airbox mod!

Off topic, but is that really a 2001?

I have a blue 01 and it has different decals on the tank and on the side panels, just curious

Yup. Its an 01. I belive the previous owner had replaced some plastics.

I agree with the previous posts... pull the carb and clean it. Its easy to get the carb out on the big DR.

Well the bike is running awesome now! Fresh premium gas, new spark plugs and adjusting the idle screw did it! Just rode 50 miles with a friend, got some air too!


My prediction is suspension work may be on your FARKLE list nearer to the top than the bottom? :smirk:

I was going to suggest you replace your carb with an FCR or TM40, but since you got it running, it looks like you might need some rear shock work first. :smirk:

I hate to admit it, but I like my DR650 better than my new Z1000.


Yes! These things are too soft. What spring rate should I go with? I've seen them on procycle and how they have 2 different ones.

The best way to go is to contact Rick at Cogent Dynamics.. he's the DR650 suspension guru. I think it's around $400, but your rear shock will be fantastic when he's done.

My DR came with a rear shock from Precision Concepts so I can't comment directly on Rick's work, but I've read a LOT of comments from people who love it. I want to send my fork tubes to him to have the Racetech cartridge emulators in for me.


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